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Instructions for adding an
IE tab extension to Google Chrome

In order for the "show cost on hover" feature to work in

Google Chrome, you first must install an IE Tab extension.


There are a few different ones available. The instructions below are for

IE Tab (from ietab.net)


It can be downloaded at




Step 1

Click the link above to download and install the IE Tab extension.

You will need to click the '+ Free' button and then 'Add' to confirm new extension.


Step 2

Once the 'added to Chrome' message appears, navigate back to the Tire Associates homepage.


Step 3

Now, look for the new IE Tab icon in the upper right hand corner.

Right click the icon and select options.



Step 4

In the Auto URL section, add both of the addresses below.


http://www.tireassociates.com/* -and- http://tireassociates.com/*


Make sure to include the /* at the end. When done, it should look like this...



Step 5

Close the IE Tab options page.

Once back to the Tire Associates page, click the home button or refresh the page.


Step 6

(If you are using on old version of Chrome, this step may not be needed.

If the IE Tab one-time installation page does not appear, skip to step 7.)


New versions of Chrome will be required to complete the One-time installation steps.

Click the ietabhelper.exe that was downloaded, and then click run to install.


Step 7

You should now see an extra address bar at the top of the page indicating

you are viewing the site through the IE Tab extension.



You will now be able to use the "show cost on hover" feature. After logging into your account you

will be able to see your cost by placing your mouse cursor over the part number (or Item ID).


This allows you to show your customers one price on screen, while still letting you to see your cost at any time.



Note - You can easily change the price displayed in your account settings.

Just click My Account in the header bar, and you will see 'price column selection' at the bottom of the page.


Select which price you would like to be displayed, (suggested retail, commercial, or markup %)

and hit submit (if you select customer specific price, the 'hover' price and the price column will be the same).



If you have any problems or questions setting this up, please call Gary at (800) 594-8473.


I can walk you through the setup, or I can even log onto your computer and do it for you

thanks to a free program available at www.teamviewer.com.