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Search Tips

Use Raw Size Search to look up tire sizes using the following criteria: section width followed by aspect ratio followed by rim size. When using Raw Size search do not use any punctuation.

  • P235/70R15
  • 31x10.50R15
  • P235/75R15
  • LT235/75R15 6 ply
  • 11R22.5
  • 18.5x8.50-8
  • ST 225/75R15
  • 11L-15
  • 20.5-25
  • 2357015
  • 31105015
  • 2357515
  • 2357515
  • 11225
  • 1858508
  • 2257515
  • 1115
  • 20525

When using description search, you may use CAPITAL or lower case letters. LEGEND will return the same results as legend.

You may also use many common abbreviations. Example: LEG will return the same results as LEGEND

If you have a common abbreviation that you use, and it is not working, let us know and we will add it.

To help narrow your search, you may include 1 or more letters following the initial Raw Size Search - See the following examples:

  • 2357515L will return only light truck tires
  • 2357515P will return only passenger tires

Tube Search Tips

All tube part numbers include the size followed by the letter 'T'. Because a 16.9/18.4R38 multi-size tube could be listed under 16938T or 18438T, please try one of the following to help your product search:

1) Try a raw size search of 38T (38 for size, T for tube)

This will return all part numbers that contain 38T (anywhere in the part #).

2) Use category product search to limit your search results.

3) If you know the manufacturer* part number, use the Mfg. Part # option in the drop down search box.

*When entering manufacturer part numbers, please disregard any zeroes at the beginning of the number.

  • 060110
  • 60110



Looking for Plus Sizing tire information?


Check out this plus size calculator at www.tiresize.com


Click here for a Plus Size calculator


- OR -


This handy tire size comparison calculator at www.sizemytires.com


Click here for Tire size comparison calculator


Having problems with the "show cost on hover" feature?


This feature (only available when logged into your account) will allow you to display a suggested retail price (or suggested commercial price or a % markup price) and still have the ability to see your cost (customer specific price) when you hover your mouse pointer over the part number.


In the new versions of Internet Explorer & Google Chrome (automatically released through Windows updates) the customer specific price will show as 'undefined', and in Firefox this feature does not work at all.


To fix this problem, follow the instructions in the links below...

Google Chrome users click here for instructions on enabling "show cost on hover feature".
Mozilla Firefox users click here for instructions on enabling "show cost on hover feature".
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer users click here for instructions on enabling "show cost on hover feature".
As always, if you have any questions or problems please give Gary Laborde a call at (800) 594-8473.
I can even connect to your computer and assist you if you want with a neat little program called TeamViewer.




Reminder - You do not have to type in your address every time you place on online order.
Simply choose your ship to address from the drop down menu, and the information will be filled in for you.


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